terça-feira, março 06, 2007

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What I need is a little serotonin for a comfy weekend

Sero_1 What says I love you, and your crippling mood disorder, better than giving someone the neurotransmitter they truly want/need? Made with Molecules is an online jewelry store that specializes in the molecules that make up some of our most important neurotransmitters and hormones.

It's the brain child of Dr. Raven Hanna, recently of the field of Molecular Biophysics. I ran into them at AAAS, and their wares were truly pretty as well as bio geeky. Dr. Hanna sells an array of necklaces, tie tacks, keychains, t-shirts, but she apologized for not having the mood charm bracelets on hand. "I'm out of glutamate," she said. I told her she was doing very well for being out of glutamate. She laughed, presumably out of kindness.

The mood charm bracelet allows you to reconfigure the neurotransmitters for the mood you're in, or that you want to be in. She also does a series of three neurotransmitter necklaces that mirror mental states like creativity (acetylcholine, dopamine, serotonin) or focus (dopamine, acetylcholine, norepinephrine).

If you can't stop ordering dopamine, you're probably addicted.

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tainha babujona disse...

a sério?!:D

EarthsWizard disse...

Hooooooo eu quero o porta chaves da Serotonina.
Viva aos geeks da ciência.

Pan disse...

tb há versão quinona?